“If we say it, it’s a sales pitch, but if the customer says it it’s true!” That’s why testimonials are so important. As a potential customer, if you are considering EasyTrim Reveals you have every reason to be skeptical about the positive things we have to say about our products and our company. We’re biased, you know that, and that’s entirely fair. A testimonial from an architect, installer or homeowner will be more authentic though because they are sharing the benefits and results they actually experienced and will substantiate the claims we would make ourselves. So, we could tell you why we think EasyTrim Reveals are awesome, but we know our customers will do a better job.

Pulliam Square

EasyTrim Reveals on multi-family building

How long has Heldman Exteriors been in the siding installation business and do you offer additional services?

Heldman Exteriors has been installing siding since 1979. We were originally called Heldman Siding but changed names to Heldman Exteriors in 2003 to better reflect our business model. We install all types of sidings, roofing, windows and gutters.

Please check out our website: http://www.heldmanexteriors.com/ or call me (Nick) at 317-257-1169.


How do you define “quality” in the exteriors business?

We define quality as “would I want this installed on my house”. We are very selective of the products we bring to our clients. We have chosen the best products out of each category and that is what we install on our client’s properties. We pride ourselves on the one and done approach. Once we install the product, we do not want to have any callbacks until it is time to do another project.


If your customers could only use one word to define you, what would you want that word to be and why?

Family. We are a family owned and operated business. Our business approach is that we take care of our customers like they are family. We have some clients that we have taken care of 3 generations and serviced multiple houses per generation. Our name is on the company so we take pride in what we do.


What did you initially think of aluminum trims being used with fiber cement siding?

I heard about contractors making their own aluminum trims back in 2012 on the west coast. Not a lot of architects were using it at first but soon we began to see more of it. At first, the products were not the easiest to install but the look was what I really liked. I knew as soon as the price came down and the bugs were worked out it would quickly take that spot that EFIS was taking up. 


What were your impressions of EasyTrim Reveals when you first worked with them?

EasyTrim has always been a pretty easy product to work with. The installers like the 2 piece systems which really speed things up. EasyTrim also has a wide arrange of products so whatever you run into, there usually is a solution in their catalog. 


As a siding contractor, what are the best aspects of installing with EasyTrim Reveals?

What we like about EasyTrim is they constantly strive to make a better product. This market is constantly changing, every project is more complicated than the last one, and EasyTrim has been up to the task. Whether its offering colors or the hinged corners, Easy Trim has listened to its installers and has used that feedback to improve on its products.


What was your favorite EasyTrim Reveals project once it was completed?

Every project is different so it is hard to pick a favorite. Pulliam Square was one of the first “large” projects we installed EasyTrim on so that will always be special.

Pulliam Square

EasyTrim Reveals Fiber Cement Aluminum Trim System Multi-Family Project