“If I say it, it’s a sales pitch, but if the customer says it it’s true!” That’s why testimonials are so important. As a potential customer, if you are considering EasyTrim Reveals you have every reason to be skeptical about the positive things EasyTrim Reveals has to say about our products and our company. We’re biased and you know that, and that’s entirely fair. A testimonial from an architect, installer or home owner should be more authentic though because they are sharing the benefits and results they actually experienced and will substantiate the claims we would make ourselves. So, I could tell you why I think EasyTrim Reveals are awesome, but I think our customers can do a better job than I can.

Karlie M – Designer | Homeowner

Our home is designed with a modern industry aesthetic.  There are three materials that break up the exterior of the house: silver corrugated galvalume siding, faux painted concrete monoliths and Hardie board panel.  The Hardie panels are accented with EasyTrim Reveals aluminum trims. The EasyTrim Reveals were painted to match the Hardie fiber cement panel to create a subtle uniform wall of color and make ease of maintenance when the time comes to repaint. There is a tower-like section on the second floor where I chose clear anodized (silver) outside corners. I chose this finish type because it best complimented the silver galvalume siding and silver window frames. Mixing color matched and silver EasyTrim Reveals helped deliver the architectural elements this modern home required.

Visitors to our home are always interested in the choices we made and ask many questions, which we are delighted to answer. We didn’t use a lot of EasyTrim, but their overall impact can’t be understated or overlooked.