“If we say it, it’s a sales pitch, but if the customer says it it’s true!” That’s why testimonials are so important. As a potential customer, if you are considering EasyTrim Reveals you have every reason to be skeptical about the positive things we have to say about our products and our company. We’re biased, you know that, and that’s entirely fair. A testimonial from an architect, installer or homeowner will be more authentic though because they are sharing the benefits and results they actually experienced and will substantiate the claims we would make ourselves. So, we could tell you why we think EasyTrim Reveals are awesome, but we know our customers will do a better job.

Evercore Brio

EasyTrim Reveals Fiber Cement Aluminum Trim System Multi-Family Project
Natural wood plank with EasyTrim Reveals LAP trims

How long has Evercore been in the siding installation business and do you offer additional services?

  • Evercore has been in business in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland for over 5 years. We supply and install all types of siding except stucco. In addition, Evercore as a General Contractor offers renovations for commercial space.

How do you define “quality” in your industry?

  • A quality job is one that meets the high expectations of our clients and ourselves. Sometimes our customer is a commercial building owner, sometimes our customer is a builder that will sell or rent units in a multi-family building to a third party. A quality job for us means satisfying a wide group of stakeholders that have a vested interest in the job we do. Our goal is always to do the job right the very first time, with no deficiencies.

If your customers could only use one word to define you, what would you want that word to be and why?

  • Trustworthy. Every aspect of our business has a trust component built in. How much will this cost? When will you finish? How long is your warranty? Will I like the final result? These are all questions we are regularly asked and require an act of trust when we answer. Quite frankly, without a track record of trust, we wouldn’t be able to function as a business.

What did you initially think of aluminum trims being used with fiber cement?

  • Honestly? I initially thought “what a joke!” I’m being serious. The thing is, I saw it on a brochure with tiny samples the first time I learned of aluminum trims for fiber cement, so it was hard to visualize. The first time I saw it in person was on a McDonald’s and I thought it looked amazing. I immediately understood the potential when I saw it on a full-scale building. Basically, aluminum trims create a contemporary look at an affordable cost to the customer. The value to price ratio is very attractive for the customer.

Did you think the idea would catch fire or die?

  • I thought it would catch fire! Every other building in the Vancouver area seems to have some aluminum trims on them these days. The look has become very very popular.

What were your impressions of EasyTrim Reveals when you first worked with them?

  • The profiles have been well thought out and each profile is part of a greater system. The attention to detail is impressive and you can see that the system was designed as much for the installer as it was for the end user. The two piece profiles make the installation process a lot easier and a lot faster. So do the horizontal profiles and the way they slide into the corners and j trims. The entire system just projects a high level of quality.

What specifically did you find made EasyTrim Reveals easier to install for you?

  • We have used more two piece verticals than two piece corners. With regular aluminum vertical profiles, they are just one piece so you end up fighting to get the panel under the tab. Easytrim’s two piece vertical has a backplate and a top cap so there are no tabs in the way when you install the panel on top of the backplate. You knock the top cap into the backplate to complete the assembly. No pun intended, but it’s really easy!

As an installer, what are the best aspects of installing with EasyTrim Reveals?

  • Easytrim provides a distinct, contemporary look to a building that’s also cost effective. An Easytrim building looks a lot more expensive than it is.

Evercore Maywood Park

EasyTrim Reveals Fiber Cement Aluminum Trim System Multi-Family Project
EasyTrim Reveals clear anodized panel and LAP trims