4mm ACM QuickPanel® Rainscreen System

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Everything you require to clad your exterior.

The choice in building materials makes a world of a difference. In designing the ACM QuickPanel® System, we knew that we had to provide an all-in-one complete system and in doing so we knew every component had to be extremely well designed and durable.

The ACM Panel

Enjoy the Strength, Aesthetic and Flexibility of ACM.

Paramount in the ACM QuickPanel® System is the architectural grade North American manufactured 4mm ACM Panel.

Manufactured through a continuous process, the ACM QuickPanel® System panels consist of two sheets of coil coated 3000 series or 5000 series alloy aluminum bonded to either a mineral filled fire resistant (FR) or a polyethylene (PE) core.

Maximum Panel Size
Cut to size on-site

Ultra-Durable 6063-T6 Aluminum

Standard on all ACM QuickPanel® System aluminum trims.

Full Trim Length
Cut to size on-site
EasyTrim Reveals ACM QuickPanel Rainscreen System Base Trims

QuickPanel® System

Base Trims

Start from the ground and build up.

QP.1 Continuous Perforated Vented Flashing

A hidden trim installed around the base perimeter of the building. Designed to provide maximum drainage and airflow.

QP.4 Perimeter Starter Trim

Engage the first course of panels. Installed directly on the base flashing.

QP.14 Multi-Angle Outside Corner Assembly

Revolutionary hinge design. Install at almost any outside corner angle.

EasyTrim Reveals QP.14 Corner Trim

QP.2 Arrow Outside Corner Assembly

A rigid 90°. A straight and true outside corner.

EasyTrim Reveals QP.2 Corner Trim

QuickPanel® System Corner Trims

The strongest in & on your corner.

EasyTrim Reveals QP.3 Corner Trim

QP.3 Inside Corner

A rigid 90°. Maintains a clean and straight line up the wall.

EasyTrim Reveals QP.13 Corner Trim

QP.13 Multi-Angle Inside Corner Assembly

The revolution continues. Install at almost any inside corner angle.

Hidden behind the panel

QuickPanel® System Backend Materials.

QP.6 Rainscreen Furring Spacers

Structural integrity. Minimizes panel deflection.

QP.7 Continuous Metal Flashing

All trims lap onto this. Ensuring proper water shed and level trim installation.

QuickPanel® Weather Tape

An additional layer of moisture protection.

Tremco® Spectrum® 1 Silicone Adhesive

Holds everything in place. Directs moisture.

QuickPanel® Weather Sealed Screws

Watertight rubber seals are standard on all screws. Installed along screw set lines.

Clean reveals at every panel connection

QuickPanel® System Mainbody Trims.

QP.5 Vertical Mainbody Assembly

The optimal way to connect panels side by side.

QP.8 Horizontal Mainbody Assembly

Stack panels ton top of each other. The skies the limit.

Allowing you to see clearly.

QuickPanel® System Window Trims.

QP.0 Window Drip Cap Flashing

Proper moisture management at the top of windows and doors.

QP.10 Horizontal Window Sill Assembly

Beautiful reveal at the base of the windows.

QP.11 Vertical Window Sides Assembly

Verticals matching the horizontal. Clean reveals all around the windows and doors.

Right to the very top.

QuickPanel® System Soffit Trims.

QP.9 Soffit Termination Assembly

Terminates the trim at the top.

QP.15 Perforated Vented Soffit Plate

Proper drainage for the soffits.

For everything unique.

QuickPanel® System Specialty Trims.

QP.0–RSF Reverse Sill Flashing

Maximum drainage at the base of the vents.

QP.17 Corner Termination Assembly

Switch to other building materials at the turn of a corner.

QP.12 Wall Penetration Assembly

Stops the trim at the vents & other terminations.

QP.16 Vertical Termination Assembly

Almost seamlessly transition to other building materials.