The QuickPanel System has been hailed as an evolutionary step forward by architects, installers and developers alike. Our novel and innovative approach to cladding building exteriors with flat 4mm ACM panels is based on our unique attachment system and Tremco Spectrem® 1 plays an integral role.

Tremco Spectrem® 1 Sealant
Tremco Spectrem® 1 Sealant

EasyTrim Reveals is an organization founded on some key principles and beliefs. For instance, we believe our customers should get a little more than they pay for. This idea permeates our approach to the products we invent in addition to the components we incorporate into our final products. This is why we have chosen Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing as our sealant partner because we share common goals and beliefs that our customers should always get a little more than they pay for.

Tremco Spectrem® 1 is a specialty sealant created for dynamically moving joints. Materials with a high coefficient of linear expansion like aluminum curtainwalls, precast concrete panels, metal panels and window perimeters benefit from this high-performance, ultra-low modulus sealant.

The QuickPanel System’s use of 4mm panels sandwiched between our patented backplate and top cap assemblies requires a proven, world-class sealant to fill the gap between the 3 substrates, create a barrier and maintain its sealant properties over time. Tremco Spectrem® 1 does all this and more. When it comes to withstanding extreme conditions, the QuickPanel System with Tremco Spectrem® 1 have surpassed the most stringent wind load requirements in North America. Wind load tests conducted at QAI Labs produced positive results with High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) winds in excess of 185 mph surpassing Risk Category III and IV Buildings & Structures for Miami-Dade County.

The odds suggest the great majority of QuickPanel System buildings will never be subjected to 185 mph winds, but since EasyTrim believes in giving our customers a little more than they pay for, rest assured EasyTrim Reveals and Tremco Spectrem® 1 have got you covered.

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