Project Description

The Piano is a multi-phased, mixed-density subdivision of 50 homes within the City of Langford on Victoria, BC’s West Shore. Developed by the innovative family-owned and operated Parsi Development, it boasts trendy design elements with fantastic pops of colors incorporated into each home’s exterior facades.

EasyTrim Reveals Clear Anodized EZTR 3/4″ LAP and 5/16″ Panel Trims were installed by the expert team at Pacific Rim Exteriors. Our easy-to-install aluminum trim systems with our Fit & Finish™ technology blended seamlessly with the rest of the exterior and left zero sharp edges.

Location: Langford, BC
Color: Clear Anodized
Product used: EasyTrim®
Profile: EZTR 3/4" LAP and 5/16" Panel Trims

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