ACM QuickPanel System Installation

Being easy to install is in our DNA. It is what makes our system the cost effective alternative to the costly rout and return installation methods found in more traditional ACM installs. We have a team dedicated to solving the nuances found in installing building products. Every time we design a single profile to a complete system, we are always looking at it from a design and ease of installation mindset.

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Color Coded Installation

We wanted to take our EZ.Lock Trim Technology even further than what was already loved from our Fiber Cement Trim System. How did we succeed in doing this? By color coding all of our trim backplates. A horizontal mainbody trim backplate is a different color than a vertical mainbody backplate or a vertical window trim’s backplate.

Screw Set Line

When installing anything, being level or plumb is crucial. Dead center of every trim profile’s backplate is a screw set line. The screw set lines are designed into every trim backplate not only engage the QuickPanel Weather Sealed screws, they ensure everything is in line with the marked grid pattern.

Panel Platforms

Our unique and patented Panel Platforms are inherent to our system design. Panel Platforms extend out and run across the entire length of every trim profile backplate ensuring every panel is rested and installed upon a Panel Platform.

Panel Platform channels secure panels in place.

Panel Platforms are designed with adhesive channels to secure the panels in place.

Smooth. Flat. Even.

Panel platform channels all plane out into each other providing an even flat surface for all panels to be installed upon.

EasyTrim Panel Platforms

QuickClip Panel Holders simplify

single contractor installation

Our QuickClip Panel Holders can make the difference allowing a single contractor to temporarily hold a panel in place prior to completing the installation via the trim top caps.

EasyTrim Reveals QP QuickClip Panel Holder Cladding Installation Tool

HammerBlock saves

time and saves paint

Our HammerBlocks make engaging trim top caps simple and painless. Designed to work on all trim types, these easy to use tool ensure the paint does not get nicked upon installation.

EasyTrim Reveals HammerBlock Cladding Installation Tool

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