Fiber Cement Trim System Installation

The Fiber Cement Trim System by EasyTrim Reveals is known for being the quickest and easiest trim system for fiber cement to install. View the sections below to learn how the system comes together, and gain some tips and tricks that have saved even the most experienced professionals a lot of time and money.

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Fast Installation

View our quick time lapse video showing a crew of 2 installing fiber cement course by course up the wall. Roughly 400 sq/ft installed in a matter of 2 hours.

Nail Gun Fastening EasyTrim Reveals Fiber Cement Trim to Wall

Fastening EasyTrim

Perhaps one of the biggest draws to EasyTrim Reveals is the thickness of our profiles, the thickest gauge nailing flange available for use with fiber cement. Unlike ordinary trims with thin flanges, our flanges can be fastened with a nailing gun using double hot dipped galvanized siding nails.

Fit & Finish Examples

Speeds up installation and helps eliminate deficiencies. Our clean fit and finish through our patented EZ.Bump makes installation easy by allowing all horizontal profiles to easily slide underneath the tabs of the crossing verticals.

EasyTrim Reveals Fiber Cement Trim
EasyTrim Reveals Fiber Cement Trim
EasyTrim Reveals Fiber Cement Trim

2-Piece Assemblies

We have created our 2-piece EZ.Lock verticals to speed up the installation process by providing the installer “tab-free” areas to quickly place their fiber cement. The top cap is later easily snapped into place to complete the assembly.

Vertical SnapLock Reveal Quick-Tip

Our Quick-Tip video takes you through how to properly install our 2-piece mainbody verticals. Ensure you follow these time saving steps for proper installation.

2-Piece Square Outside Corner Assembly

Our 2-piece square outside corner, perfect for columns and tight areas. An EZ.10 Horizontal Base B Panel Trim must be used in conjunction.

Vertical Termination Tape Flashing

Vertical trims are designed to be installed above the nailing flange of the below horizontal trim. A properly installed tape flashing will assist with water shed. We recommend this procedure for cleaner fit and finish. An 8 degree cut to the top cap is an additional fit and finish QuickTip.

Vertical SnapLock Reveal Photo Series

A photo series of the above SnapLock QuickTip video. View the slide show to see how the tuck the vertical top cap under the above horizontal and quickly complete the vertical trim installation. A rubber mallet or our new HammerBlock is required so as to not damage any painted material.

Window Detail Installation

We offer two different window trim options in addition to our Window Drip Cap Flashing.

EZ.8 Vertical Window Sill J Panel Trim

EZ.19 2-Piece Vertical Window Sill U Panel Trim

Joining Corners Examples

A QuickTip applicable when butting two of the same profiles together. Follow these steps and fasten close to the end of each profile for an almost seamless transition.

Locate trim end placement.
Add sufficient adhesive.
Connect trim to adhesive.
Connect second trim to adhesive.
Ensure tight even connection & fasten.

Rainscreen Examples

Hat Track Over Foam Examples

Visit our Downloads page for installation documents and more.

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