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EasyTrim Reveals® trim systems have many water-management features built into their profiles; however, it has been proven that for most installations a rainscreen is not always necessary when installed with EasyTrim® Reveals systems. For the requirements of many local and national building codes, however, EasyTrim Reveals® systems do not qualify as a full rainscreen.


Yes. EasyTrim Reveals® offers a Primed finish option for your on-site painting needs. EasyTrim Reveals® Primed finish trim profiles are primed with a PPG Duracron primer and have a one-year paint application window after installation.


1) Paint will not adhere to our Anodized finishes.

2) Once painted, the applicable warranty is that of the paint provider.

Our standard finishes include Clear Anodized (silver matte finish), Black Anodized, as well as a Primed finish if site painting is preferred.

With our ColorMatch® Paint Program, EasyTrim Reveals® can provide our trim profiles in any color option imaginable, including your brand-specific colors. Our standard finishes inc All of our profiles are available in ten foot (10′) lengths.

Our standard finishes include Clear anodized (silver matte finish), Black anodized, as well as a Primed finish if site painting is preferred.

Pre-finished anodized aluminum EasyTrim Reveals® trim profiles deliver the best value for your dollar in the short- and long-term because anodized aluminum is a very low-maintenance finish.

We recommend using a high-quality, 100% acrylic latex paint when painting primed EasyTrim Reveals® trim profiles on site. This is the same paint recommended by the fiber cement manufacturers for use when painting primed fiber cement products; therefore, both primed fiber cement and primed EasyTrim Reveals® are painted with the same paint formulation when painted on site. Various paint manufacturers offer high-quality, 100% acrylic latex paint.

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