The Problem

Fiber cement manufacturers require at least a 1” gap from roof surfaces, decks, steps, driveways and other hard surfaces. This requirement has been put in place to minimize the risk of accumulated water or snow from wicking up and spreading throughout the fiber cement causing it to fail. The prescribed solution creates a separate problem: that big gap causes the siding to look unfinished. Given a choice, homeowners would prefer the siding on their home extend as close as possible to adjacent hard surfaces. EasyTrim Reveals’ Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim solves this problem and many others.

The Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim

EasyTrim Reveals new feature rich Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim for fiber cement plank products eliminates the unsightly gap, delivers installation efficiencies for the siding contractor, and adds a dash of modern aesthetic flair.

The Features

  • 1” Tab – EasyTrim Reveals’ Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim features a 1” tab. Designed to extend downwards and come in contact with a hard surface. The Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim replaces the recommended 1” void with a decorative 1” border of anodized or color matched aluminum.
  • EZ.Slope – The Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim’s 10 degree horizontal slope creates a horizontal surface that resists water and snow accumulation. This proven design element produces a surface that fiber cement can be placed directly on without the risk of moisture pooling and migrating up into the fiber cement.
  • EZ.Guard™ – Hidden from view and placed slightly above EZ.Slope sits a second downward pointing tab. Think of this tab like you would a seat belt or insurance policy: it’s there to protect. In the event water or ice makes its way behind the lower edge of the cladding, the EZ.Guard™ prevents migration towards the nail holes and into the studs.
  • EZ.Kickout – This tab is truly brilliant! Prior to installing the first row of plank siding, a starter strip must be installed around the perimeter of the building. This starter strip creates the proper lap angle that each installed plank above will share. The installation of the starter strip is a required extra step that occurs every time plank siding is installed on a building. EasyTrim Reveals’ Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim features another strategically located downward pointing tab on the nailing flange that produces the required kickout for the initial course of plank. This means the Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim eliminates the hassle and time needed to rip the starter strip on site, then wrap the perimeter of the building with it before you can install the first course of siding.

The Results

EasyTrim Reveals’ Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim is the latest profile in our family of trims that provides both form and function at the highest levels. At its most basic level, the Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim just looks great! The 1” tab helps frame the inset plank cladding in a way that mirrors the popular, modern look of aluminum trims that frame fiber cement panels. Our unique downward pointing 1” tab also replaces and covers the ugly 1” gap between the inset plank and hard surface below creating a modern aluminum architectural line. This innovative horizontal profile can also be used mid-wall to create sectioned columns of plank siding or as a horizontal break between dissimilar materials like brick or stone. Functionally, the Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim protects the inset plank and wall assembly with a series of slopes and tabs that manage and prevent water migration into the plank and into the studs. The Kickout Tab is a novel invention that eliminates an entire installation step and makes the installer more productive by helping them complete a required step in less than half the time with one step instead of three.

The EasyTrim Reveals brand is synonymous with innovation and industry leadership and our new Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim is more evidence we take that role seriously and will continue to invent products and systems that delight and amaze.