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EZ.48 Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim


EasyTrim Reveals has the solution–turning common problem areas into solution areas. The EZ.48 Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim is a multidimensional trim profile that provides the natural kickout required to start LAP plank installation through the EZ.Kickout™. An extended 1” tab hides the unsightly gaps left exposed on most fiber cement plank installations. And the water-management provided through the profile is simply remarkable. The EZ.Slope™ and EZ.Guard™ work together to ensure your building stays moisture free.

EZ.48 Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim Profile Dimensions

Safely set the siding right on the ledge. Horizontal trim with built-in 8º sloped ledges shed dirt and water away from the wall.
Protect the walls. Gain the protection through our crafted ice & water dam blocking unwanted water from climbing further in.
Achieve the installation angle required on the first course of lapped plank through our innovative kickout flange.
Ensure consistency and ease of installation through our alignment guides and screw set lines built into the backend of our trims.
Our trims are made of ultra-durable 6063-T5 aluminum backed by a long-term 15-year performance warranty.
Select color. Select any color. Unlimited custom colors. Or select from our wide range of standard offerings.