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All of our profiles are available in ten foot (10′) lengths.

With our ColorMatch Paint Program, EasyTrim Reveals is able to provide our trim profiles in any color option imaginable (including your brand specific colors). Our standard finishes include Clear anodized (silver matte finish), Black anodized, as well as a Primed finish if site painting is preferred. Pre-finished anodized aluminum EasyTrim Reveals trim profiles deliver the best value for your dollar – short and long term – because anodized aluminum is a very low maintenance finish.

EasyTrim Reveals extruded aluminum trim profiles have a 15 year Limited Warranty that is extended to the original purchasers of the material. As well, EasyTrim Reveals is compliant with all major fiber cement manufacturers warranties. Please inquire with your fiber cement manufacturer for more information regarding their warranty.

Our EasyTrim Reveals trim profiles range in thickness from 0.055″ to 0.062″ or 1.4mm to 1.57mm.

EasyTrim Reveals fiber cement trim systems have many water-management features built into their profiles, and has proven that for most installations a rain screen isn’t always necessary when installed with EasyTrim Reveals Systems. However for the requirements of many local and national building codes EasyTrim Reveals Systems do not qualify as a full rainscreen.

For aluminum, pitting is by far the most common type of corrosion. Pitting is primarily an aesthetic problem that, practically speaking, never affects strength. Pitting is more severe on untreated aluminum. Surface treatment (anodising, painting or other coating methods) counteracts pitting. Pitting will only occur in the presence of an electrolyte (either water or moisture) containing dissolved salts, usually chlorides. The corrosion generally shows itself as extremely small pits that, in the open air, reach a maximum penetration of a minor fraction of the metal’s thickness.

Our extruded aluminum profiles are made out of 6063-T5 aluminum.

All of the 2-piece EasyTrim Reveals fiber cement trims that contain the patented EZ.Lock engagement feature both a backplate and a top cap. The backplate is the part of the assembly that is fastened to the wall and features the engagement that receives and locks the top cap into place.

All of the 2-piece EasyTrim Reveals fiber cement trims that contain the patented EZ.Lock engagement feature both a backplate and a top cap. The top cap is the part of the assembly that snaps into the wall-fastened backplate covering the ends of the installed panel and planks.


You can purchase EasyTrim Reveals products through any of your local lumber yard that you typically buy your fiber cement and other building materials through. If they aren’t already setup, we can reach out to them to get them so and get your product to you in a timely manner. To see a list of local dealers already setup in your area check out our dealer locator page found here: www.easytrimreveals.com/dealers/

No, unfortunately you cannot. However, you can purchase EasyTrim Reveals through one of our local dealers. To see a list of local dealers already setup in your area, check out our dealer locator page found here: www.easytrimreveals.com/dealers/

Unfortunately no. We have a long-standing partnership with our shipper that has allowed us to gain one of the best rates out there. We are also already set up to easily track shipments and sort out any claims on damages that may have occurred during transport.


You can use your regular hot dipped galvanized siding nails fired through a pneumatic nail gun.

Typically the height limit has more to do with the chosen siding type than the EasyTrim Reveals trim itself. EasyTrim Reveals trim profiles have been designed to meet and/or exceed most common fiber cement options. Please refer to your siding manufacturers technical documents for their maximum height limits.

Yes. EasyTrim Reveals offers a Primed finish option for your on-site painting needs. EasyTrim Reveals Primed finish trim profiles are primed with a PPG Duracron primer and have a 1 year paint application window after installation.

Paint will not adhere to our Anodized finishes.
2) Once painted, the applicable warranty is that of the paint provider.

Use a high-quality 100% acrylic latex paint when painting primed EasyTrim Reveals trim profiles on site. This is the same paint recommended by the fiber cement manufacturers for use when painting primed fiber cement products as well, therefore both primed fiber cement and primed EasyTrim Reveals are painted with the same paint formulation when painted on site. Various paint manufacturers offer high-quality 100% acrylic latex paint.

No, paint will not properly adhere to anodized aluminum.

EasyTrim Reveals recommends using a non-ferrous carbide miter saw blade to ensure a clean straight cut.

EasyTrim Reveals trim profiles were designed to be an exterior product used with fiber cement; however we have seen our product used successfully with many other siding types such as cedar and other natural wood products, metal panels, and more. While we don’t necessarily prescribe it, we often say any siding product that fits within our profile depths may be used within the EasyTrim Reveals system.

No, EasyTrim Reveals does not have preferred or certified installers as the system is designed to be simple and easy for any contractor to use. If you need assistance finding local contractors to bid on your project, feel free to contact us directly at 1-877-973-8746 or info@easytrimreveals.com

EasyTrim Reveals offers over-the-phone support for every project. At times, Easytrim is able to offer on-site installation support depending on the projects location and overall scope. We recommend that everyone familiarize themselves with our Installation Guide as much as possible. To request over-the-phone or on-site support, please contact us at 1-877-973-8746 or info@easytrimreveals.com


Yes, EasyTrim Reveals has received patents for our “Wall Panel Trim Reveal System and Method” and for many of our individual profile options. Additionally, EasyTrim Reveals has over forty-five patent applications pending.

No, EasyTrim Reveals prides themselves on being the trim experts. Our systems are designed to work with all major domestic and imported brands of fiber cement.

Yes, we do offer PK sessions. Please contact us at info@easytrimreveals.com.

Simply contact us with your company name, address(s), best point of contact, and necessary contact information.