The EasyTrim Reveals M.A.D. Lifestyle

Modern. Affordable. Durable. Why have we adopted the M.A.D. maxim? What does it mean and how does it impact the lifestyle choices of building and homeowners?



The definition of a modern building material changes over time. A very long time ago, bricks were considered the most modern building material available. Modern building materials are highly regarded because they do more than the building materials they replace, and provide greater long-term value. In recent times, aluminum siding replaced wood, vinyl replaced aluminum, and fiber cement has replaced vinyl.

The same cycle of innovation has influenced our definition of modern trim products. Wood trims have been replaced by engineered wood. Engineered wood was replaced by vinyl and fiber cement. The latest evolution of trim materials has ushered in an era of aluminum trims replacing all other trim materials.

Modern aluminum trims have captured the attention of builders and building owners because they install easier and perform better than the trim materials that came before them. They do this and more while achieving a distinct modern appearance other trim materials can’t match.

Modern architecture has exploded over the last 20 years. People no longer want to live in a home that looks exactly like every other house on their street. Modern architectural design offers a means for individuals to express their uniqueness. Simplicity in form and design, bold roof lines, windows as design and a love of all things linear are just some elements that inspire modern design. EasyTrim Reveals aluminum trims and ACM QuickPanel Systems are modern building materials that can be used minimally or in abundance to achieve interesting, contemporary architectural buildings that reflect your distinguished and singular style.  



If money weren’t an object, we would all live spectacular homes and communities. Money is an object though so we will always have to balance what we love with what we can afford. This delicate dance includes everyone from developers that build large scale communities, to the architects they choose to execute their vision while staying on budget. When it comes to building products, affordability is measured not just in the initial price, but also the long term costs of maintenance, repair and replacement. There will always be a budget. The best building materials meet your budget restraints while giving you more than you paid for.

EasyTrim Reveals is the only building material cladding company to offer a complete family of products that energize modern architectural design at any budget. From a 220 sqft “tiny house” to a 4,000 sqft custom executive home, EasyTrim Reveals has the products you are looking for at the price you need to build a modern dream home that will turn heads from the street and satisfy your soul.




  • EasyTrim Reveals LAP Trims – Our LAP trims are a family of profiles with ¾” openings that were engineered to accept lapped 5/16” plank fiber cement and natural ¾” natural wood products. Caulk free, blind nailed and impact resistant, LAP profiles are virtually 100% responsibility free.
EasyTrim Reveals Fiber Cement Aluminum Trim System Multi-Family Project




  • EasyTrim Reveals Panel and Transition Trims – We got our start as an extruded aluminum trim manufacturer for use with 5/16” fiber cement panels. Installation efficiencies throughout the Panel Trim series make our profiles easier to install which helps overall affordability. EasyTrim Reveals with fiber cement panels outperform stucco and cost less than traditional ACM rout and return panel systems.



  •  4mm ACM QuickPanel Rainscreen System –  Rout and return panel systems for ACM panels like Alucoil, Reynobond, Allucobond and Alpolic are amongst the most desirable and modern cladding materials available. The materials attachment systems are also somewhat expensive as is the labor to install them. The QuickPanel System is unique because it uses the same ACM panels used with rout and return systems, but our patent pending attachment system anchors flat panels to the wall without the added expense of traditional panel fabrication. The use of flat panels cut on site can reduce the cost of the finished system by 1/3 to 1/2 compared to traditional rout and return.



EasyTrim Reveals products have been conceived and designed to fulfill the literal meaning of the word durable which is “…the assurance or probability that equipment or material will have a relatively long continuous useful life, without requiring an inordinate degree of maintenance.”  Enduring, responsibility free products add value to our lives because they free up our time to invest in other activities important to us like our families and health, while reinforcing the idea that we are smart shoppers that invest our hard earned dollars wisely.

The EasyTrim Reveals M.A.D. lifestyle is enjoyed by those that enjoy modern architecture and the most modern building materials available. Our M.A.D. lifestyle includes people from all income levels that love modern architectural design and want the very best building materials they can afford. Building materials that can underpin an entire community or a single dream home that stands out from the crowd as a true expression of creative modern design and projects our core essence. The M.A.D. lifestyle also appreciates the simple truth that anything truly great must be well built and everlasting, requiring minimal or no upkeep.

EasyTrim Reveals is Modern. Affordable. Durable.