EasyTrim for


Make your next project a breeze. Discover the time-saving benefits of using EasyTrim Reveals® !

Find new efficiencies, perfect your processes

Speed up the installation process with EasyTrim Reveals® “tab-free” areas, allowing you to quickly place fiber cement panels on the wall. Our EZ.Lock® technology makes it simple to snap top caps into place, completing the assembly.

Color-coded for ease-of-use

Installing with the EZ.Lock® trim system is simplified by the use of colored backplates. Each type of trim backplate uses a unique, easily identifiable color. With these visual cues, you won’t have to worry about mixing up horizontal and vertical backplates during installation, helping you to move faster.

The tools to get it done right

Protect exterior paint and finish from damage during installation by using HammerBlocks to lock-in trim.

Maximize the benefits of EasyTrim Reveals®

  • Blind-nailed for fiber cement to prevent the eye-sore of warped trim
  • Seamless connections with EZ.Lock® system
  • Extra-long and thick-gauge flanges support nailing guns and hot-dipped galvanized siding nails to help you install at speed

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