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It’s time to get the leading edge

As the largest supplier of trim systems in North America, we understand better than anyone else why trim and cladding systems need to perform. We work directly with developers to help provide the exact specifications of what is needed for their project, keeping costs down by ensuring the right products are available during construction.

Place your trust in the superior cladding solution

Whether you are using fiber cement, LAP, or other siding products, Easytrim Reveals® helps to improve your development from beginning to end.

The benefits of EasyTrim Reveals® are threefold:
1. Easy to install, improving turnaround times and reducing labor or training-related expenses
2. Patented design features that move water away from the building envelope while preventing dirt buildup
3. A more refined trim system, blind nailed with a seamless finish

Cut down on maintenance

After construction is complete, your choice of trim and cladding make all the difference in terms of long-term care and maintenance. The EZ.Bump® and EZ.Slope® patented design features ensure that your building stays clean and protected all-year round regardless of what weather comes your way.

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