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Ensure you have the products your customers are looking for next with our patented EasyTrim Reveals® showcasing the best in trim solutions!

  • Our products, your sales. All of our products are sold directly through distributors like you.
  • Competitive pricing. Maintain your sales margins without sacrificing quality.
  • A versatile trim solution. Made to work with most siding options, including fiber cement, vinyl, and engineered wood, and ACM panels.
  • On-demand support. With our experienced team on standby, your customers and team members can always get the answers they need.
  • Designed and manufactured in North America to exceed industry standards.

Get more, give more with EasyTrim

Provide assurance to your customers as you grow your sales through superior products.

  • Orders come to you. We provide estimates for all installers and contractors which can be then fulfilled at your location.
  • Get the support you deserve. We provide training and education through local representatives available to assist your teams.
  • Stay supplied. Ensure that you have the right trim for your customers at all times with the flexibility that comes with EasyTrim.
  • Keep stock moving. Whether you need to make a return or process a purchase order, we will make it happen.


Let’s grow together! Through our partnerships, we are forming connections that benefit everyone involved. By keeping a streamlined supply chain, we are delivering better value for your customers, and a stable platform for your future sales growth.

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