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Attractive aesthetic, long-lasting, and budget-friendly.

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Choose EasyTrim Reveals® to keep your projects flowing smoothly with materials that are ready to stand the test of time.


Get all of the functional and aesthetic benefits that come with EasyTrim:

  • Water management made easy. Keep moisture away from your building envelope with EZ.Slope® technology built-in.
  • Ensure a smooth installation. With a simple lock-in system, you’re better able to predict turnaround times on new builds.
  • Made to match. Choose from standard metal options or use our ColorMatch® program to coordinate colors.
  • The finishing touch. Have your homes stand-out from the rest with design elements that will look great even decades after construction.

Make your mark on the industry

Your portfolio of past work should always look this good.

Construction for single-family homes should be a seamless process—that’s what makes EasyTrim Reveals® perfect for builders.

The challenges in construction often stem from the varying needs of customers. Whether it is executing on design plans or edge cases that require specialized materials, your choice of building products can make all the difference in terms of functionality and aesthetics for homeowners.

Create a portfolio of excellence

Leave your mark on the industry by creating homes that maintain their like-new appearances for years to come.
As one of the final pieces of the building envelope, your choice of siding and trim makes all the difference in terms of the finished look of a residential home

Stay on-budget and on-time

Choose to skip the complications that can come with traditional trim systems. EasyTrim Reveals® patented installation methods offer builders the opportunity to cut down on their costs by providing a streamlined process from beginning to end.

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