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Caveat Emptor - Top 5 Reasons To Avoid Building Materials Made in "Emerging Markets"

Caveat Emptor is Latin for “Let the buyer beware.” The phrase and its use as a disclaimer of warranties arises from the fact that buyers typically have less information about the good or service they are purchasing, while the seller has more information. The quality of this situation is known as “information asymmetry.” Defects in the goods or service may be hidden from the buyer, and only know to the seller. (Wikipedia)

When I ask my teenage daughter if I sound like a broken record and she gazes at me with a blank stare, I realize I have dated myself because she doesn’t know what a record is or how you break them. I’m about to date myself right now when I say that I first learned about Caveat Emptor while watching the Brady Bunch. The internet tells me it was Episode 3, Season 4. The internet even has the script from that episode so for those of you too young or senile to remember the Brady Bunch, this is what happened.


Greg: Boy, did I ever get stuck with a lemon. “A little elbow grease.”

Mike: Yeah, well I don’t think a little elbow grease is going to cure rigor mortis. [Mike leans against the car]

Greg: Careful, Dad. You’re liable to crush the door. Some friend that Eddie.

Mike: Ah, come on Greg. Forget about Eddie. You made a business deal – he got the best of you. That’s all.

Greg: Business deal. That’s the last time I’m going to do business with a friend.

Mike: I think maybe you learned something about the business world.

Greg: What d’ya mean?

Mike: Well, look. You take sellers. They’ve got something to sell, right?

Greg: Right.

Mike: Naturally they’re going to make it sound as attractive as possible even if they have to exaggerate to do it.

Greg: You mean lie.

Mike: Yes. Quite often they do. Though they might call it “gilding the lily.” But the important thing is that you’re the

buyer. You have to keep your guard up, see? It’s the old principle of caveat emptor.

Greg: Caveat emptor?

Mike: It’s Latin for “let the buyer beware.” Or to put it in the vernacular, “them who don’t look, sometimes gets took.”

Greg: Well, that Eddie really took me.

Mike: Yeah, he did. He had you hog-tied and happy before you knew it. But you let it happen. Okay. The important thing is that you learned something.

Greg: Don’t worry Dad. Have I ever.

Mike: Good boy.

[Peter and Bobby are in the boys’ bedroom. Greg enters]

Peter: What were you talking to Dad about?

Greg: Oh, a few of the facts of life. Like “caveat emptor.”

Bobby: What’s that?

Greg: It means “let the buyer beware,” in Latin.

Peter: Yeah. Don’t you know anything?

Bobby: Oh, I know Latin. Obby-bay Ady-bray. That’s “Bobby Brady” in Latin.

Peter: That’s Pig-Latin, loser!

Greg: Boy, I sure learned my lesson. When I get rid of that old clunker, this time I’m the seller, and it’s the other guy who has to do the caveat emptoring.

Peter: How ya going to get rid of it?

Greg: Just find somebody who’s dumber than I am.

Bobby: Isn’t going to be easy.

[Marcia and Jan jumping rope outside. Mike and Carol enter from the car]

Carol: Hello, girls.

Marcia: Hi.

Jan: Hi.

Carol: Well it looks like Greg must have got his car running.

Mike: Well he must have used artificial respiration. Hey girls, you know where Greg went?

Marcia: He was showing the car to some boy and then they drove off somewhere. He was trying to get us to say how great that old wreck was.

Jan: He kept winking at us, you know like that? [Jan winks] And he even gave Cindy a candy bar.

[Marcia and Jan exit]

Carol: Well I wonder what that’s all about.

Mike: Hmm, so do I.

[Peter and Bobby enter from the house]

Mike: Boys, Greg sell his car?

Bobby: Yeah. He called the guy a pigeon.

Peter: He said he was gonna really cavet the guy’s eruptor.

[Peter and Bobby exit]

Carol: Cavet his eruptor? What?

Mike: I think he means caveat his emptor.

Carol: Caveat emptor? Now where’d they pick that up?

Mike: Well, I had a long talk with Greg about buying and selling, but I’m afraid he learned the wrong lesson.


Aaah the 70’s!

It’s a fact. In nearly every sales transaction, the buyer has less information about the product or service than the seller. This puts the buyer at a distinct disadvantage. If you are buying a fruit smoothie that’s supposed to contain 50% fruit juice but only has 10%, that’s one thing. If you are buying building materials that you believe have been tested and proven safe, that’s entirely different. Here are 5 reasons you should not buy building materials made in “emerging markets.”

Poor Quality

China remains the world’s leading manufacturer and makes everything from steel to plush toys. While some products manufactured in China are of high quality, other products are known for their poor quality. The reality is that products imported from China account for more than 60% of product safety recalls. Between 2001 – 2007, hundreds of millions of sheets of Chinese drywall entered the North American market. The product emitted toxic hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, and other gases. When mixed with normal home humidity, the gasses produced a rotten egg smell that created serious health issues for humans and their pets such as breathing problems, eye irritation, fatigue, dizziness, bloody noses, and headaches. As few as 3 sheets of Chinese drywall could contaminate the indoor air quality of a home. The only fix was to have the family move out for several months, gut the house and rebuild the interior. This was a high price to pay for an inexpensive product.

Long Lead Times

Plan on long lead times. The average travel time for a container vessel from Asia to North America is between 15 to 30 days. Documentation, customs clearance, handling, and inland shipping can add an additional 17 to 33 days. Add 6 more days from the dock to your business. These are just freight times. We haven’t included the time to make the product or the time required to get the product from the manufacturing facility to the port. With all manufacturing and freight times added together, a shipment from Asia could take 4 to 5 months to arrive between order and receipt of goods.

No Warranty

Unlike products that are purchased locally and manufactured on the continent, products from emerging markets might not have a warranty from the manufacturer. North American courts have little to no leverage when dealing with Chinese manufacturers if they don’t have a North American presence. This typically means the warranty defaults to the company doing the importing. Should you have a warrantable claim, hopefully, the importer will take full responsibility and have deep enough pockets and a strong sense of corporate responsibility and remedy situation. Hopefully.

Don’t Meet North American Testing Standards

North American produced building products are required to pass certain testing criteria to assure the industry and the purchaser that the products are safe and that they do what they claim they will do. ASTM alone has over 13,000 standards “…instrumental in specifying, evaluating and testing the dimensional, mechanical, rheological and other performance requirements of the materials used in the manufacture of main and auxiliary building parts and components…These building standards are helpful in guiding manufacturers, construction companies, architectural firms and other users of such parts and components in their proper fabrication and installation procedures, as well as the possible hazards involved during these processes” (ASTM website). Chinese manufacturers might produce official-looking documentation suggesting they have surpassed ASTM and other testing requirements, but it might not be true. The testing results might not apply to the product you are purchasing because it’s out of date, or the results might not have been produced by a certified neutral third party. You simply might never know if your product meets today’s North American testing standards.


Poor Quality + No Warranty + No Testing = Lawsuits! Should someone get injured or sick because of the product you imported or installed, you could find yourself in court. Should a product you imported or installed fail to perform as claimed, you could find yourself in court. The shadow of poor quality, untested building materials is long and the associated risk lasts years. While the price might be right, emerging market building products have the potential to harm others, you and your business.

Buyer Beware Indeed!

EasyTrim Reveals aluminum trims

Testimonial #6 - Evercore Exterior says "An EasyTrim Reveals building looks more expensive than it is"

“If we say it, it’s a sales pitch, but if the customer says it it’s true!” That’s why testimonials are so important. As a potential customer, if you are considering EasyTrim Reveals you have every reason to be skeptical about the positive things we have to say about our products and our company. We’re biased, you know that, and that’s entirely fair. A testimonial from an architect, installer or homeowner will be more authentic though because they are sharing the benefits and results they actually experienced and will substantiate the claims we would make ourselves. So, we could tell you why we think EasyTrim Reveals are awesome, but we know our customers will do a better job.

Evercore Brio

EasyTrim Reveals Fiber Cement Aluminum Trim System Multi-Family Project
Natural wood plank with EasyTrim Reveals LAP trims

How long has Evercore been in the siding installation business and do you offer additional services?

  • Evercore has been in business in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland for over 5 years. We supply and install all types of siding except stucco. In addition, Evercore as a General Contractor offers renovations for commercial space.

How do you define “quality” in your industry?

  • A quality job is one that meets the high expectations of our clients and ourselves. Sometimes our customer is a commercial building owner, sometimes our customer is a builder that will sell or rent units in a multi-family building to a third party. A quality job for us means satisfying a wide group of stakeholders that have a vested interest in the job we do. Our goal is always to do the job right the very first time, with no deficiencies.

If your customers could only use one word to define you, what would you want that word to be and why?

  • Trustworthy. Every aspect of our business has a trust component built in. How much will this cost? When will you finish? How long is your warranty? Will I like the final result? These are all questions we are regularly asked and require an act of trust when we answer. Quite frankly, without a track record of trust, we wouldn’t be able to function as a business.

What did you initially think of aluminum trims being used with fiber cement?

  • Honestly? I initially thought “what a joke!” I’m being serious. The thing is, I saw it on a brochure with tiny samples the first time I learned of aluminum trims for fiber cement, so it was hard to visualize. The first time I saw it in person was on a McDonald’s and I thought it looked amazing. I immediately understood the potential when I saw it on a full-scale building. Basically, aluminum trims create a contemporary look at an affordable cost to the customer. The value to price ratio is very attractive for the customer.

Did you think the idea would catch fire or die?

  • I thought it would catch fire! Every other building in the Vancouver area seems to have some aluminum trims on them these days. The look has become very very popular.

What were your impressions of EasyTrim Reveals when you first worked with them?

  • The profiles have been well thought out and each profile is part of a greater system. The attention to detail is impressive and you can see that the system was designed as much for the installer as it was for the end user. The two piece profiles make the installation process a lot easier and a lot faster. So do the horizontal profiles and the way they slide into the corners and j trims. The entire system just projects a high level of quality.

What specifically did you find made EasyTrim Reveals easier to install for you?

  • We have used more two piece verticals than two piece corners. With regular aluminum vertical profiles, they are just one piece so you end up fighting to get the panel under the tab. Easytrim’s two piece vertical has a backplate and a top cap so there are no tabs in the way when you install the panel on top of the backplate. You knock the top cap into the backplate to complete the assembly. No pun intended, but it’s really easy!

As an installer, what are the best aspects of installing with EasyTrim Reveals?

  • Easytrim provides a distinct, contemporary look to a building that’s also cost effective. An Easytrim building looks a lot more expensive than it is.

Evercore Maywood Park

EasyTrim Reveals Fiber Cement Aluminum Trim System Multi-Family Project
EasyTrim Reveals clear anodized panel and LAP trims

QuickPanel 4mm Rainscreen System with Tremco Spectrem® 1 Sealant

The QuickPanel System has been hailed as an evolutionary step forward by architects, installers and developers alike. Our novel and innovative approach to cladding building exteriors with flat 4mm ACM panels is based on our unique attachment system and Tremco Spectrem® 1 plays an integral role.

Tremco Spectrem® 1 Sealant
Tremco Spectrem® 1 Sealant

EasyTrim Reveals is an organization founded on some key principles and beliefs. For instance, we believe our customers should get a little more than they pay for. This idea permeates our approach to the products we invent in addition to the components we incorporate into our final products. This is why we have chosen Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing as our sealant partner because we share common goals and beliefs that our customers should always get a little more than they pay for.

Tremco Spectrem® 1 is a specialty sealant created for dynamically moving joints. Materials with a high coefficient of linear expansion like aluminum curtainwalls, precast concrete panels, metal panels and window perimeters benefit from this high-performance, ultra-low modulus sealant.

The QuickPanel System’s use of 4mm panels sandwiched between our patented backplate and top cap assemblies requires a proven, world-class sealant to fill the gap between the 3 substrates, create a barrier and maintain its sealant properties over time. Tremco Spectrem® 1 does all this and more. When it comes to withstanding extreme conditions, the QuickPanel System with Tremco Spectrem® 1 have surpassed the most stringent wind load requirements in North America. Wind load tests conducted at QAI Labs produced positive results with High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) winds in excess of 185 mph surpassing Risk Category III and IV Buildings & Structures for Miami-Dade County.

The odds suggest the great majority of QuickPanel System buildings will never be subjected to 185 mph winds, but since EasyTrim believes in giving our customers a little more than they pay for, rest assured EasyTrim Reveals and Tremco Spectrem® 1 have got you covered.

Learn more about Tremco Commercial Sealants & Weatherproofing solutions with these links:  




EasyTrim Reveals aluminum trims

Testimonial #5 - Rocco T | Architect & Homeowner

“If I say it, it’s a sales pitch, but if the customer says it it’s true!” That’s why testimonials are so important. As a potential customer, if you are considering EasyTrim Reveals you have every reason to be skeptical about the positive things EasyTrim Reveals has to say about our products and our company. We’re biased and you know that, and that’s entirely fair. A testimonial from an architect, installer or homeowner should be more authentic though because they are sharing the benefits and results they actually experienced and will substantiate the claims we would make ourselves. So, I could tell you why I think EasyTrim Reveals aluminum trims are awesome, but I think our customers can do a better job than I can.

EasyTrim Reveals aluminum trims

Rocco T – Architect | Homeowner

This is a modern house design very much dictated by the confines of my tight budget.  Although a flat rectilinear roof and metal panels have become conventional elements of modern house design, my budget quite simply restricted me from their use. I was forced to seek out building materials that were projected a modern aesthetic but were also budget friendly. EasyTrim Reveals fulfilled all of my requirements and then some.

EasyTrim Reveals aluminum trims

The gray rectilinear forms of the house interplay with the copper colored angular masses, all while being held together below a series of overlapping and slipping sloped roof planes. I alternated the exposures of the gray cement board lap siding and edged all outside corners and finish transitions in clean and minimal, clear anodized aluminum EasyTrim. Their use accentuated the simple forms, helping to crisply outline their unique surface rhythm, color and texture.

EasyTrim Reveals aluminum trims

We are extremely happy with the results and love our new place. We have been living here since the end of December 2014. Since we are on the town’s main street leading to the town center, the house gets a plenty of exposure. I cannot tell you how many people have stopped in the street to complimented us or how many letters and notes have been left in our mailbox from people expressing how much they loved the house and asking if we can share info on who was involved in the design and construction. For many of our home’s admirers, the defining element that really makes the home “pop” are the modern “silver” trims. The extent to which EasyTrim Reveals trims deliver a luxurious look without a premium price, can’t be exaggerated.

EasyTrim Reveals aluminum trims

EasyTrim Reveals

Testimonial #4 - Heldman Exteriors says "EasyTrim constantly strives to make a better product"

“If we say it, it’s a sales pitch, but if the customer says it it’s true!” That’s why testimonials are so important. As a potential customer, if you are considering EasyTrim Reveals you have every reason to be skeptical about the positive things we have to say about our products and our company. We’re biased, you know that, and that’s entirely fair. A testimonial from an architect, installer or homeowner will be more authentic though because they are sharing the benefits and results they actually experienced and will substantiate the claims we would make ourselves. So, we could tell you why we think EasyTrim Reveals are awesome, but we know our customers will do a better job.

Pulliam Square

EasyTrim Reveals on multi-family building

How long has Heldman Exteriors been in the siding installation business and do you offer additional services?

Heldman Exteriors has been installing siding since 1979. We were originally called Heldman Siding but changed names to Heldman Exteriors in 2003 to better reflect our business model. We install all types of sidings, roofing, windows and gutters.

Please check out our website: http://www.heldmanexteriors.com/ or call me (Nick) at 317-257-1169.


How do you define “quality” in the exteriors business?

We define quality as “would I want this installed on my house”. We are very selective of the products we bring to our clients. We have chosen the best products out of each category and that is what we install on our client’s properties. We pride ourselves on the one and done approach. Once we install the product, we do not want to have any callbacks until it is time to do another project.


If your customers could only use one word to define you, what would you want that word to be and why?

Family. We are a family owned and operated business. Our business approach is that we take care of our customers like they are family. We have some clients that we have taken care of 3 generations and serviced multiple houses per generation. Our name is on the company so we take pride in what we do.


What did you initially think of aluminum trims being used with fiber cement siding?

I heard about contractors making their own aluminum trims back in 2012 on the west coast. Not a lot of architects were using it at first but soon we began to see more of it. At first, the products were not the easiest to install but the look was what I really liked. I knew as soon as the price came down and the bugs were worked out it would quickly take that spot that EFIS was taking up. 


What were your impressions of EasyTrim Reveals when you first worked with them?

EasyTrim has always been a pretty easy product to work with. The installers like the 2 piece systems which really speed things up. EasyTrim also has a wide arrange of products so whatever you run into, there usually is a solution in their catalog. 


As a siding contractor, what are the best aspects of installing with EasyTrim Reveals?

What we like about EasyTrim is they constantly strive to make a better product. This market is constantly changing, every project is more complicated than the last one, and EasyTrim has been up to the task. Whether its offering colors or the hinged corners, Easy Trim has listened to its installers and has used that feedback to improve on its products.


What was your favorite EasyTrim Reveals project once it was completed?

Every project is different so it is hard to pick a favorite. Pulliam Square was one of the first “large” projects we installed EasyTrim on so that will always be special.

Pulliam Square

EasyTrim Reveals Fiber Cement Aluminum Trim System Multi-Family Project

Testimonial #3 - Karlie M | Designer & Homeowner

“If I say it, it’s a sales pitch, but if the customer says it it’s true!” That’s why testimonials are so important. As a potential customer, if you are considering EasyTrim Reveals you have every reason to be skeptical about the positive things EasyTrim Reveals has to say about our products and our company. We’re biased and you know that, and that’s entirely fair. A testimonial from an architect, installer or home owner should be more authentic though because they are sharing the benefits and results they actually experienced and will substantiate the claims we would make ourselves. So, I could tell you why I think EasyTrim Reveals are awesome, but I think our customers can do a better job than I can.

Karlie M – Designer | Homeowner

Our home is designed with a modern industry aesthetic.  There are three materials that break up the exterior of the house: silver corrugated galvalume siding, faux painted concrete monoliths and Hardie board panel.  The Hardie panels are accented with EasyTrim Reveals aluminum trims. The EasyTrim Reveals were painted to match the Hardie fiber cement panel to create a subtle uniform wall of color and make ease of maintenance when the time comes to repaint. There is a tower-like section on the second floor where I chose clear anodized (silver) outside corners. I chose this finish type because it best complimented the silver galvalume siding and silver window frames. Mixing color matched and silver EasyTrim Reveals helped deliver the architectural elements this modern home required.

Visitors to our home are always interested in the choices we made and ask many questions, which we are delighted to answer. We didn’t use a lot of EasyTrim, but their overall impact can’t be understated or overlooked.

EasyTrim Reveals Mass Timber Construction

What if I told you there was a new and exciting building material that had structural, aesthetic and environmental advantages over steel and concrete construction? Would you be interested in learning more? What if I also mentioned you could build 25% faster, have 90% less construction traffic with 75% fewer workers and substantially less noise when compared to steel and concrete construction? Would I have your attention? Final question, what if I told you this exciting new building material existed before the dinosaurs and goes by the name of wood? How cool would that be? Well, it’s all true. Mass Timber is a class of engineered wood products that compared to steel with concrete, are cheaper, easier to assemble and more fire resistant. Mass Timber construction is even carbon-friendly and sustainable. Mass timber construction techniques and materials will not only be visible in your neighborhood but in your city skyline too as skyscrapers embrace the structural properties and environmental benefits of the world’s oldest building material.  

Anatomy Of A Timber Tower


1) Whereas steel or concrete structures are skeletal, using columns to carry loads, CLT towers distribute weight over the entire, solid vertical panel.


2) Steel or concrete L-brackets fix the horizontal and vertical CLT panels together.


3) The horizontal spans between vertical CLT elements can be significantly longer than with steel or concrete beams.


4) Interior walls are usually fireproofed by applying a layer of gypsum paneling on top of the mass timber panels.


5) A two-inch layer of concrete typically covers two two-inch layers of insulation (separated by a three-inch void) to reduce acoustic vibration between floors.


6) Panels come made to order with windows cut out and sometimes piping and electrical installed. Construction is as easy as screwing the panels together.


7) Elevators have double walls with insulation sandwiched between them for fire safety and soundproofing.

EasyTrim Reveals Salutes Edmonton's Habitat For Humanity

Habitat for Humanity’s mission statement is “Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.” The aim of Habitat for Humanity is to bring together companies, corporations, organizations, groups and volunteers together to build simple homes for families in need of affordable housing. EasyTrim Reveals is pleased to donate building materials to such a well-respected organization doing God’s work and will continue providing assistance to Habitat for Humanity whenever we can. Habitat homes are affordable because the families that occupy them will never pay more than 25% of their total household income towards an interest-free mortgage. Homeowners “pay it forward” by agreeing to invest 500 hours of “sweat equity” as the down payment for their home insuring the spirit of helpfulness is both received and given. Home ownership is a basic principle of a healthy life and EasyTrim Reveals fully supports the outstanding initiatives pioneered by Habitat for Humanity.

Our most recent collaboration with HFH was at Neufeld Landing in Edmonton, Alberta. Neufeld Landing will benefit 64 families when completed and represents HFH’s largest build in Canada. Without volunteers, there would be no HFH, so when deciding a name for their largest ever project the decision was easy. Don Neufeld has been involved with HFH for over 20 years and has shared more than 15,000 volunteer hours Edmonton. An accountant by trade, Don has chipped in the equivalent of over 7 years full time work helping others realize their dreams of safe affordable housing and financial security. “We build our homes with volunteers,” said Habitat for Humanity’s Alfred Nicolai, “And so it made sense to name this complex after a volunteer. And then it made absolute sense to name it after the volunteer that has given us, by far, the most hours.”

The homes at Neufeld Landing might be considered simple, but they look anything but. Featuring columned entrances and walk out balconies, each unit within the multi-family complex is stately and welcoming. Multi-color fiber cement plank that alternate between solid and striped sections display a whimsical air. Fiber cement panels adorned with clear anodized (silver) EasyTrim Reveals lend modern flair to the traditional sections of plank siding and together create homes with exceptional curb appeal and minimal maintenance requirements.

EasyTrim Reveals wishes to offer our thanks to Habitat for Humanity and the wide range of groups and individuals that have volunteered their time and donated materials to help make affordable housing a reality.

EasyTrim Reveals Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim - One Profile, Many Solutions

The Problem

Fiber cement manufacturers require at least a 1” gap from roof surfaces, decks, steps, driveways and other hard surfaces. This requirement has been put in place to minimize the risk of accumulated water or snow from wicking up and spreading throughout the fiber cement causing it to fail. The prescribed solution creates a separate problem: that big gap causes the siding to look unfinished. Given a choice, homeowners would prefer the siding on their home extend as close as possible to adjacent hard surfaces. EasyTrim Reveals’ Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim solves this problem and many others.

The Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim

EasyTrim Reveals new feature rich Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim for fiber cement plank products eliminates the unsightly gap, delivers installation efficiencies for the siding contractor, and adds a dash of modern aesthetic flair.

The Features

  • 1” Tab – EasyTrim Reveals’ Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim features a 1” tab. Designed to extend downwards and come in contact with a hard surface. The Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim replaces the recommended 1” void with a decorative 1” border of anodized or color matched aluminum.
  • EZ.Slope – The Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim’s 10 degree horizontal slope creates a horizontal surface that resists water and snow accumulation. This proven design element produces a surface that fiber cement can be placed directly on without the risk of moisture pooling and migrating up into the fiber cement.
  • EZ.Guard™ – Hidden from view and placed slightly above EZ.Slope sits a second downward pointing tab. Think of this tab like you would a seat belt or insurance policy: it’s there to protect. In the event water or ice makes its way behind the lower edge of the cladding, the EZ.Guard™ prevents migration towards the nail holes and into the studs.
  • EZ.Kickout – This tab is truly brilliant! Prior to installing the first row of plank siding, a starter strip must be installed around the perimeter of the building. This starter strip creates the proper lap angle that each installed plank above will share. The installation of the starter strip is a required extra step that occurs every time plank siding is installed on a building. EasyTrim Reveals’ Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim features another strategically located downward pointing tab on the nailing flange that produces the required kickout for the initial course of plank. This means the Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim eliminates the hassle and time needed to rip the starter strip on site, then wrap the perimeter of the building with it before you can install the first course of siding.

The Results

EasyTrim Reveals’ Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim is the latest profile in our family of trims that provides both form and function at the highest levels. At its most basic level, the Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim just looks great! The 1” tab helps frame the inset plank cladding in a way that mirrors the popular, modern look of aluminum trims that frame fiber cement panels. Our unique downward pointing 1” tab also replaces and covers the ugly 1” gap between the inset plank and hard surface below creating a modern aluminum architectural line. This innovative horizontal profile can also be used mid-wall to create sectioned columns of plank siding or as a horizontal break between dissimilar materials like brick or stone. Functionally, the Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim protects the inset plank and wall assembly with a series of slopes and tabs that manage and prevent water migration into the plank and into the studs. The Kickout Tab is a novel invention that eliminates an entire installation step and makes the installer more productive by helping them complete a required step in less than half the time with one step instead of three.

The EasyTrim Reveals brand is synonymous with innovation and industry leadership and our new Horizontal Base Z LAP Trim is more evidence we take that role seriously and will continue to invent products and systems that delight and amaze.

EasyTrim Reveals Fiber Cement Aluminum Trim System Multi-Family Project

Top 5 Reasons Exterior Aluminum Trims Are The Best Trims Available

There are improvements in building materials and installation methods that are easily understood and valued by the average homeowner because the products are highly visible on a home and you may have even experienced a problem with the product yourself. Triple pane windows, fiber cement siding and spray foam insulation are examples of products that are clear improvements over the products that proceeded them whose benefits are easily understood by the average homeowner. Fiber cement siding is clearly superior to wood siding because it’s flame, rot and insect resistant. Fiber cement is superior to vinyl siding because it won’t melt, is impact resistant and can be easily painted. Fiber cement has become the #2 siding product based on their benefits, long term value and is amongst the best siding options available.

Exterior siding manufacturers are constantly experimenting with new materials and processes for continuous product improvements. Often neglected and misunderstood is the role exterior trim products play in terms of aesthetics and performance. Exterior trims are the products that siding butts against at corners and around openings like doors and windows. Wood trims evolved to engineered wood, then PVC, then to fiber cement. Despite the evolution of materials, traditional trim boards functioned the same way. The latest improvement to trim “boards” has been with aluminum. Aluminum trim products represent a giant leap forward compared to traditional trim products because of how they are fastened, how they perform over long periods of time and their exceptional life cycle qualities. Here are 5 reasons why aluminum trims are the best exterior trims available.

1 Piece Outside Corners

Traditional outside corners require two boards that are butt together and fastened to the wall with face nails. As the building settles and moves, these boards can pull apart leaving an unsightly gap creating openings for water to penetrate behind the cladding. Aluminum corners are one piece profiles which completely eliminates the risk of pulling apart. Aluminum trims are also “blind nailed” therefore the nails are unseen, so the homeowner will never have to look at over-driven or asymmetrical nailing ever again. One piece construction also happens to be easier and less expensive to install than two individual trims.

Long Life Cycle

Subject to the best conditions, wood trims have a life expectancy of 20 to 30 years and PVC trims have a life expectancy of 30 to 40 years. Wood trims don’t perform as well in wet climates and PVC trims under-perform in extremely hot and extremely cold environments. Fiber cement has a long life cycle provided it is installed properly and protected against water intrusion. Improperly installed and a failure to protect from water will cause fiber cement trims to fail long before they should – think years instead of decades. Aluminum trims are impervious to the elements. Neither water, humidity, extreme hot or cold will effect aluminum in a negative way. Unlike fiber cement trims, aluminum trims will perform as intended even if not installed perfectly. SPOILER ALERT – This definition of Life Cycle applies to the aluminum trim product only and not the Life Cycle of the aluminum itself, i.e. Sustainability.


Wood, PVC and fiber cement trims all have one thing in common: they all require caulk. Caulk application during siding installation can easily go wrong because it is a skilled process. The most common rookie mistakes are using the wrong caulk product and not leaving a gap wide enough for the caulk to set on three sides. Assuming you have a skilled applicator and the proper caulk has been used, you will still need to inspect all of the caulk joints on your home every few years to make sure they are still functioning, including those on your second and third floors – not easy. As the siding moves and a home settles, caulk can break open and allow water to flow into the wall assembly, potentially rotting the sheathing and creating a breeding ground for mold. Aluminum trims have pockets for cladding to sit inside, protecting the cladding edge and eliminating the need for caulk. The siding can move around inside the pocket safely while water that is driven inside the pocket is pulled down and away from the wall assembly by gravity. Caulk-free = responsibility free.

Modern Aesthetic

Modern architecture is booming in popularity as homeowners young and old choose to express their individuality and lifestyle choices through their unique modern home. The ultra-low profile, shadow reveals and anodized finish options of aluminum trims make them must have accessories for anyone considering buying or building a modern home. Aluminum trims can be color matched with the inset cladding to create subtle shadow details or used as a contrasting color to accentuate architectural lines and repeating shapes. Aluminum trims have essentially become jewelry for your modern home.


Aluminum trims are recyclable and a wise choice for the environmentally conscious.

“Aluminum recycling benefits present and future generations by conserving energy and other natural resources. It requires up to 95% less energy to recycle aluminum than to produce primary metal and thereby avoids corresponding emissions, including greenhouse gases.

For most aluminum products, the metal is not actually consumed during the product’s lifetime, but simply used, with the potential to be recycled without any loss of its inherent properties. Therefore, the life cycle of an aluminum product is not the traditional “cradle-to-grave” sequence, but rather a renewable “cradle-to-cradle”.

This property of infinite recyclability has led to a situation where today around 75% of the almost one billion tonnes of aluminum ever produced is still in productive use, some having been through countless loops of its lifecycle.” (The International Aluminum Institute – 2016)

Ease of installation, exceptional all-weather performance, striking good looks, eternal sustainability and overall value are just some of the reasons aluminum trim products have captured the attention of architects, builders and savvy homeowners across North America.

Testimonial #2 - The Compleo Group | 4mm ACM QuickPanel System by EasyTrim Reveals

By Shaun Langhorne


I have seen a lot of products come and go in my 29 years in the construction industry and have not seen one that has me as excited as the latest from EasyTrim Reveals: The 4MM ACM QuickPanel System.


I think that this product is going to turn the traditional Rout and Return industry upside down!





EasyTrim Reveals is very excited about their new 4MM ACM QuickPanel System and can’t wait to introduce it to the building industry. The look of the EasyTrim 4MM ACM QuickPanel System is comparable to a traditional Rout and Return system, but the installation process is extremely different. The EasyTrim 4MM ACM QuickPanel System is field modified with a traditional circular saw and installed by the siding contractor. In fact, all of the materials provided with the EasyTrim 4MM ACM QuickPanel System can be modified in the field and installed immediately eliminating the lost time to shop fabrication common to traditional Rout and Return systems. The EasyTrim 4MM ACM QuickPanel System provides a traditional Rout and Return look at a fraction of the cost. The wind rating for the EasyTrim 4MM ACM QuickPanel System makes this a perfect exterior siding product for all construction projects, including gulf coast construction. The panels are able to withstand over 180 MPH without caulking and over 200 MPH with caulking and able to be installed on projects up to 26 stories!!! The panels come in a variety of prefinished colors, including specialty patterns, like wood grain and granite. All of the bright vibrant colors carry a 10-year warranty, whereas the standard normal range colors have a 20-30 year warranty. EasyTrim Reveals has partnered with Alucoil, Alpolic and Reynobond for the 4MM ACM panels and carry their manufacturer warranties.

I am very excited and intrigued with the prefinished material that allows the GC to eliminate the entire exterior caulking and exterior painting task from the project schedule, as the siding contractor is able to complete all of the caulking and install the prefinished Easy Trim 4MM ACM QuickPanel System in one pass…that is huge my friends! But the EasyTrim Reveals team didn’t stop there, they are now offering full take off and building layout services in PDF and CAD formats.

With the latest multi-family project trend of going higher and wider, interior courtyards, wraps and the limited amount of space that is provided for laydown, the tighter and tighter boundaries that we face with urban development sites, the elimination of lifts and the additional contractors needed for the exterior caulking and painting task is well worth the slight premium cost of the prefinished EasyTrim 4MM ACM QuickPanel System compared to fiber cement.



For more information on the EasyTrim 4MM ACM QuickPanel System, please follow the EasyTrim Reveals link provided above and tell them that The Compleo Group sent you!

The EasyTrim Reveals M.A.D. Lifestyle


The EasyTrim Reveals M.A.D. Lifestyle

Modern. Affordable. Durable. Why have we adopted the M.A.D. maxim? What does it mean and how does it impact the lifestyle choices of building and homeowners?



The definition of a modern building material changes over time. A very long time ago, bricks were considered the most modern building material available. Modern building materials are highly regarded because they do more than the building materials they replace, and provide greater long-term value. In recent times, aluminum siding replaced wood, vinyl replaced aluminum, and fiber cement has replaced vinyl.

The same cycle of innovation has influenced our definition of modern trim products. Wood trims have been replaced by engineered wood. Engineered wood was replaced by vinyl and fiber cement. The latest evolution of trim materials has ushered in an era of aluminum trims replacing all other trim materials.

Modern aluminum trims have captured the attention of builders and building owners because they install easier and perform better than the trim materials that came before them. They do this and more while achieving a distinct modern appearance other trim materials can’t match.

Modern architecture has exploded over the last 20 years. People no longer want to live in a home that looks exactly like every other house on their street. Modern architectural design offers a means for individuals to express their uniqueness. Simplicity in form and design, bold roof lines, windows as design and a love of all things linear are just some elements that inspire modern design. EasyTrim Reveals aluminum trims and ACM QuickPanel Systems are modern building materials that can be used minimally or in abundance to achieve interesting, contemporary architectural buildings that reflect your distinguished and singular style.  



If money weren’t an object, we would all live spectacular homes and communities. Money is an object though so we will always have to balance what we love with what we can afford. This delicate dance includes everyone from developers that build large scale communities, to the architects they choose to execute their vision while staying on budget. When it comes to building products, affordability is measured not just in the initial price, but also the long term costs of maintenance, repair and replacement. There will always be a budget. The best building materials meet your budget restraints while giving you more than you paid for.

EasyTrim Reveals is the only building material cladding company to offer a complete family of products that energize modern architectural design at any budget. From a 220 sqft “tiny house” to a 4,000 sqft custom executive home, EasyTrim Reveals has the products you are looking for at the price you need to build a modern dream home that will turn heads from the street and satisfy your soul.




  • EasyTrim Reveals LAP Trims – Our LAP trims are a family of profiles with ¾” openings that were engineered to accept lapped 5/16” plank fiber cement and natural ¾” natural wood products. Caulk free, blind nailed and impact resistant, LAP profiles are virtually 100% responsibility free.

EasyTrim Reveals Fiber Cement Aluminum Trim System Multi-Family Project




  • EasyTrim Reveals Panel and Transition Trims – We got our start as an extruded aluminum trim manufacturer for use with 5/16” fiber cement panels. Installation efficiencies throughout the Panel Trim series make our profiles easier to install which helps overall affordability. EasyTrim Reveals with fiber cement panels outperform stucco and cost less than traditional ACM rout and return panel systems.



  •  4mm ACM QuickPanel Rainscreen System –  Rout and return panel systems for ACM panels like Alucoil, Reynobond, Allucobond and Alpolic are amongst the most desirable and modern cladding materials available. The materials attachment systems are also somewhat expensive as is the labor to install them. The QuickPanel System is unique because it uses the same ACM panels used with rout and return systems, but our patent pending attachment system anchors flat panels to the wall without the added expense of traditional panel fabrication. The use of flat panels cut on site can reduce the cost of the finished system by 1/3 to 1/2 compared to traditional rout and return.



EasyTrim Reveals products have been conceived and designed to fulfill the literal meaning of the word durable which is “…the assurance or probability that equipment or material will have a relatively long continuous useful life, without requiring an inordinate degree of maintenance.”  Enduring, responsibility free products add value to our lives because they free up our time to invest in other activities important to us like our families and health, while reinforcing the idea that we are smart shoppers that invest our hard earned dollars wisely.

The EasyTrim Reveals M.A.D. lifestyle is enjoyed by those that enjoy modern architecture and the most modern building materials available. Our M.A.D. lifestyle includes people from all income levels that love modern architectural design and want the very best building materials they can afford. Building materials that can underpin an entire community or a single dream home that stands out from the crowd as a true expression of creative modern design and projects our core essence. The M.A.D. lifestyle also appreciates the simple truth that anything truly great must be well built and everlasting, requiring minimal or no upkeep.

EasyTrim Reveals is Modern. Affordable. Durable.

Top 5 Reasons Your Next Home Will Be Modern

Drive around your neighborhood and you will notice that modern homes are popping up like mushrooms after a rain. Amongst the craftsman, colonials, ramblers, Cape Cods and Tudor homes, modern and contemporary homes are dotting neighborhoods across North America at an increasing rate. The increased popularity of modern homes doesn’t sit well with everyone. From city zoning officials to some long term residence declaring NIMBY (not in my back yard), modern homes represent a blight on their neighborhoods that should be slowed or halted altogether. Yet more contemporary homes continue to be built and more people want to live in them. Modern design is on fire due to demographic and psychographic factors that can’t be easily halted. Get used to seeing more modern and contemporary homes, because the underlying factors and long-term trends predict the movement is here to stay.

multi family - easytrim reveals with clear anodized panel trims
multi family - easytrim reveals with clear anodized panel trims

Evolving Architecture

  • Major architecture of the last 3 decades strongly skews to modern including buildings like the Marilyn Monroe Towers in Toronto, the Rock and Roll Museum in Seattle or the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in New York. The style and WOW factor of these buildings are getting incorporated into large multi-family apartments, condos and university dorms. These buildings influence home buyers ideas regarding some of the architectural elements they’d like to see on their single family homes. Architecture as art and expression has successfully moved from large buildings, to large multi-family buildings to single family units. When is the last time you saw a Tudor home that took your breath away? Today’s home buyer wants a visually impactful home like the larger buildings they see all around them.

single family - easytrim reveals with clear anodized panel trims
single family - easytrim reveals with clear anodized panel trims


  • Today’s society places more importance on individuality than conformity. People simply don’t want to be just another brick in the wall and living in a house that’s a carbon copy of the other homes in their neighborhood. That might have been cool in the 50’s, but not anymore. Increasingly, today’s home consumer wants their home to be almost like a second skin or outfit they wear to announce who they are in the world. Modern homes allow people to create that impression from scratch. No one likes showing up to a party where three other people are wearing their outfit. This desire to be viewed as unique now extends to the home we reside in and modern homes quench that thirst.

single family - easytrim reveals with black anodized panel trims
single family - easytrim reveals with black anodized panel trims


  • Growing up in a world that believes new is inherently better than old, Millennials are predisposed to all things modern and that includes the homes they will buy or rent. Fueled to a large degree by evolving technology, many young digital citizens have grown up seeing and admiring contemporary architecture. They see it on Pinterest, on study trips abroad and scattered throughout pop culture. To this group, moving into a home that looks like their 60-year-old granddads is the definition of uncool. As Millennials move into their home-buying years they want homes that authentically stand apart from the crowd, draped inside and out with modern materials and furnishings just like the cool dorm they lived in at college or the ultra-contemporary home they saw in a movie they were streaming on Netflix.

single family - easytrim reveals with clear anodized panel trims

Age Defiance

  • Instead of embracing old age and going gently into that good night, Boomers and Gen X’ers are mounting a full-on assault against father time and the appearance of being old. In that well-funded fight, Boomers and X’ers enlist Botox, testosterone supplements, personal trainers and organic foods to resist aging. As they become empty nesters and abandon the homes they raised families in, many are seeking to downsize into a modern home. Still feeling young and hip, this demographic has the money to spend on the home they want as an outward expression of their personality and life’s accomplishments. Whether they sell the old home or commission an extensive renovation of their current home, Boomers and X’ers heavily skew towards contemporary design. Having a unique modern home that the young neighbors compliment on a daily basis is just another way to stay young yourself.

single family - easytrim reveals with clear anodized panel and LAP trims
single family - easytrim reveals with clear anodized panel and LAP trims

Blame it on demographics, blame it on the young, blame it on the old, the reality is that a variety of forces has lead us to this moment in time where modern and contemporary homes are more popular than ever and they’re here to stay.

Adjustable Corners – Easy Installation, Beautiful Results

Having pioneered two-piece extruded aluminum trims, EasyTrim Reveals has innovated the category segment once again with our new Adjustable Outside (105 degree to 165 degree) and Adjustable Inside (90 degree to 165 degree) Corners for panel, LAP and Transitions.

There are many elements of a building’s exterior that can lead the observer to see the building as beautiful and interesting. Since most buildings share right-angle or 90 degree outside and inside corners, a building with sharp or oblique outside or inside corners will certainly catch the eye and stand out from the crowd.

easytrim reveals adjustable panel and LAP inside and outside corners
easytrim reveals adjustable panel and LAP inside and outside corners

Traditional extruded aluminum outside and inside corners have been one-piece 90 degree profiles. When an architect or designer wanted to venture outside convention and create a building with non 90 degree angled corners, they were forced to use two separate j trims. The installer would then be left with the task of using their ingenuity to install the j trims in a way that created a straight and true corner, oftentimes having to overcome framing issues and a buildings natural habit to pull apart at the corners over time.

easytrim reveals adjustable LAP outside corner
easytrim reveals adjustable LAP outside corner

Picture the feature-rich EasyTrim Reveals j trims with our patented ez.bump tucked underneath the ½” tab. We have designed a clever hinge joint that connects two opposing j trims to create an easy to align and easy to install corner profile assembly for non 90 degree corner conditions.

What’s in it for the architect? The architect can now design contemporary buildings with non-traditional corner details. The architect also retains the water management, fit & finish features and installation efficiencies they have come to expect from EasyTrim Reveals profiles. With EasyTrim Reveals Adjustable Corners the architect can now create visually impactful wall segments that articulate and create intriguing segments of light and shadow. “Flatiron” style buildings on odd shaped parcels of land can be easily realized with stock, off-the-shelf products created specifically for use on buildings that aren’t a collection of square corners.

easytrim reveals adjustable panel inside corner
easytrim reveals adjustable panel inside corner

What’s in it for the siding installer? Ask any installer and they will tell you the buildings they work on are rarely square. Some products they use accentuate this problem, while other products help mask it. When using individual j trims on separate wall planes, framing irregularities will be transferred to the j trims resulting in a corner that can be tight (close) on the bottom and loose (open) at the top, or vice versa. As the building settles and shifts over time, the impact on the separate trims increases as they pull apart. Even when an installer uses his most skilled sider on this detail, the process of aligning the separate profiles takes longer than it should and his success will be variable and destined to deteriorate over time. EasyTrim Reveals Adjustable Corners allow the installer to quickly align the assembly on the two separate wall planes if they are completely straight or somewhat un-square. If the wall surfaces are un-square, the Adjustable Corners will help hide that imperfection and create a straight and true architectural line. This means the installer can use any installer, not just his most skilled laborer to handle the task of installing non 90 degree corners, quickly and expertly.

EasyTrim Reveals Adjustable Outside and Inside Corners solve real world problems with mind-boggling simplicity, ingenious design and beautiful results.

Testimonial #1 - The Green-Grossfield Project | MidWest Magic

“If we say it, it’s a sales pitch, but if the customer says it it’s true!” That’s why testimonials are so important. As a potential customer, if you are considering EasyTrim Reveals you have every reason to be skeptical about the positive things we have to say about our products and our company. We’re biased, you know that, and that’s entirely fair. A testimonial from an architect, installer or home owner will be more authentic though because they are sharing the benefits and results they actually experienced and will substantiate the claims we would make ourselves. So, we could tell you why we think EasyTrim Reveals are awesome, but we know our customers will do a better job.

single family reno featuring EasyTrim Reveals with color match trims
single family reno featuring EasyTrim Reveals with color match trims

Jordana Green and Marc Grossfield – Homeowners

“We remodeled a very neglected 2 bedroom rambler into a two story modern home this past year.  We live in Minnesota so durability is non-negotiable. Of course we also wanted sleek, no maintenance and an environmentally friendly product. After the research, EasyTrim Reveals was the obvious choice. We could paint it any color to match or contrast the fiber cement, cut it to any size and it would withstand many MN winters. Our builders wanted to learn how to use it as they are seeing it on so many commercial properties. Turns out this took one training session and the exterior went up in 2 days, it was super easy. We have not had one issue since its installation. It looks as good as the day it went on. We are thrilled with our new home. Thank you!!!”

single family reno featuring EasyTrim Reveals with color match trims
single family reno featuring EasyTrim Reveals with color match trims

Billy Beson & Kyle Snyder

Billy Beson Design Co.




“We were excited to design this project inside and out. Marc and Jordana wanted a very modern look for their home. After deciding to use fiber cement as the exterior material, aluminum EasyTrim Reveals was a natural fit. It’s virtually maintenance-free, can be painted, and used as an accent or blend in. The homeowners live in Minnesota so we were glad to hear EasyTrim Reveals is used on many commercial and multi-family buildings in Canada, giving us confidence it would withstand many Minnesota winters. The product could also be cut to any size, so we were free to design large and small features on the house.”

“EasyTrim Reveals gives the Grossfield house a modern look with a shadow of edging. It’s a very sophisticated and cool result. We are thrilled with the final product and feel confident using it again on future projects as we know more clients will be asking for this look.”

single family reno featuring EasyTrim Reveals with color match trims
single family reno featuring EasyTrim Reveals with color match trims

Renda Baird, Sr Project Mgr / Allstar Construction Residential – General Contractor



“As a general contractor, Allstar Residential was one of the first in the area to use EasyTrim products. Our siding installers love it for ease of use, variety of products and modern look. EasyTrim Reveals was also helpful with responsive and knowledgeable company reps. We look forward to watching you grow. Keep up the great work.”

single family reno featuring EasyTrim Reveals with color match trims
single family reno featuring EasyTrim Reveals with color match trims

Pat Simco / Simco Construction – Siding Installer

“The best thing about EasyTrim from an installers point is that it’s very forgiving. The cover pieces allow you to have a straight finished look no matter what the cut looked like. I would use it again and recommend it over other products for that reason alone. It gives every job a top of the line modern professional finish.”

single family reno featuring EasyTrim Reveals with color match trims
single family reno featuring EasyTrim Reveals with color match trims

Panels and Channels are Taking Over Modern Design

Across North America, contemporary single family homes, condos, apartments and school dorms are surging in popularity. When it comes to architectural design, the long-term trend is clear: contemporary buildings clad with fiber cement panels and aluminum trims a.k.a. “panels and channels” have embedded themselves into the imaginations and desires of today’s architects, renters and homeowners.

panels and channels EasyTrim Reveals single family clear anodized panel trims
panels and channels featuring EasyTrim Reveals clear anodized panel trims

What is a contemporary home? A contemporary home is as individual as a fingerprint. Unlike mass produced, cookie cutter homes that lack unique character, a contemporary home is supposed to stand out and above the crowd. A contemporary home presents a noteworthy, attention grabbing façade. Today’s contemporary homes often have flat or dramatically angled roofs. Asymmetrical design is common along with simple, geometric shapes. Cladding materials typically include some combination of stone, brick, wood, stucco and now fiber cement and aluminum trims. Panels and channels are the least expensive cladding choice for creating the distinct, geometric shapes and architectural lines that will make a home the “curb appeal champion” in any neighborhood.

panels and channels EasyTrim Reveals single family home with clear anodized panel trims
panels and channels featuring EasyTrim Reveals clear anodized panel trims

Increasingly, architects and the general public want to see buildings large and small that cause people to just stop and say, “Wow, that’s incredible architecture!” When building a single family home or condo with a sensitive budget, a panel and channel façade offers the opportunity to create that unique living space that will become the extension of your unique self. Self-expression via your unique modern home is a trend that has become mainstream.

panels and channels EasyTrim Reveals single family home with clear anodized trim
panels and channels featuring EasyTrim Reveals clear anodized panel trims

Modern architecture is expressed through simplicity, clean lines and the elimination of unnecessary details. Panels and channels are modern, affordable and durable building products that provide an infinite palette of design options and choices. Panels and channels are particularly appealing because of their low-cost, ready availability and extremely low maintenance. Both products are domestically produced and locally stocked.

panels and channels single family home with EasyTrim Reveals clear anodized and color match panel trims
panels and channels featuring EasyTrim Reveals clear anodized and color match panel trims

Fiber cement architectural panels can be as large as 4’x10’ and cut as small as 1’x1’. Rectangular panels can be oriented on the wall long or short side down. Panels can be evenly stacked upon each other or offset to mimic a “subway tile” pattern. Panels can be rectangular, square or other geometric shapes. They can be smooth, woodgrain or stucco textured. The fiber cement can be painted or stained to look like real wood. The possibilities are truly endless with the only limitations being your personality and imagination.

panels and channels single family home with EasyTrim Reveals clear anodized panel trims
panels and channels featuring EasyTrim Reveals clear anodized panel trims

Aluminum reveal trims are an equally important element. When combined with fiber cement architectural panels they produce the simple, straight architectural lines that create balance and harmony. Aluminum trims share both form and function. They possess small ½” tabs that help hold the fiber cement to the wall. Those tabs are also decorative and provide the straight lines that frame the fiber cement panel and project additional visual interest. Unique to exterior aluminum trims are the inclusion of reveals. Reveals are voids or the absence of space that create shadow. The physical nature of reveal trims delivers two distinct aesthetic characteristics: physical architectural lines and parallel shadow lines.

panels and channels single family home with EasyTrim Reveals clear anodized panel trims
panels and channels featuring EasyTrim Reveals clear anodized panel trims

Together panels and channels produce clean, simple architectural facades capable of bold, elegant or subtle expression. However you choose to express yourself with your panels and channels modern exterior, you can create a unique, artistic design that blends art, architecture and your individual personality.