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Delivering uncompromising ease-of-use and durability, EasyTrim Reveals® offers exceptional performance with the looks to match.

Exceptional products make for easy installations

A simplified two-piece system makes installation a breeze, enabling anyone to add modern elegance to their home or commercial building.

Designed with intelligent features such as snap-in top caps and patented water management technologies, EasyTrim Reveals® are quickly becoming the go-to solution for long-term results. Compatible with most major manufacturer’s siding products and available in any color through our ColorMatch® program, you’re sure to find EasyTrim Reveals® are a perfect match for your property!

About Engage Building Products™


Our customers come first.

At Engage Building Products™, we have made it our motto to create and support products that solve common problems in construction, saving time and money for homeowners and contractors alike. Everything we do ties back to this commitment.

Demonstrated value.

We provide value through our complete lineup of cladding and trim systems, each designed to be compatible with most manufacturer’s products. The team here at Engage Building Products™ provides support by working directly with customers to review building plans, creating estimates that detail the exact requirements necessary to complete their next project with excellence.

We lock-in with our customers, securing a relationship to support one another.

All of our products are designed and manufactured in North America, providing exceptional value and quality assurance. You can depend on Engage Building Products™ to support your journey from project conception through to completion with best-in-class materials plus top-of-the-line technologies.

It’s our goal to develop a relationship with our clients that grows alongside them.

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