By Shaun Langhorne


I have seen a lot of products come and go in my 29 years in the construction industry and have not seen one that has me as excited as the latest from EasyTrim Reveals: The 4MM ACM QuickPanel System.


I think that this product is going to turn the traditional Rout and Return industry upside down!





EasyTrim Reveals is very excited about their new 4MM ACM QuickPanel System and can’t wait to introduce it to the building industry. The look of the EasyTrim 4MM ACM QuickPanel System is comparable to a traditional Rout and Return system, but the installation process is extremely different. The EasyTrim 4MM ACM QuickPanel System is field modified with a traditional circular saw and installed by the siding contractor. In fact, all of the materials provided with the EasyTrim 4MM ACM QuickPanel System can be modified in the field and installed immediately eliminating the lost time to shop fabrication common to traditional Rout and Return systems. The EasyTrim 4MM ACM QuickPanel System provides a traditional Rout and Return look at a fraction of the cost. The wind rating for the EasyTrim 4MM ACM QuickPanel System makes this a perfect exterior siding product for all construction projects, including gulf coast construction. The panels are able to withstand over 180 MPH without caulking and over 200 MPH with caulking and able to be installed on projects up to 26 stories!!! The panels come in a variety of prefinished colors, including specialty patterns, like wood grain and granite. All of the bright vibrant colors carry a 10-year warranty, whereas the standard normal range colors have a 20-30 year warranty. EasyTrim Reveals has partnered with Alucoil, Alpolic and Reynobond for the 4MM ACM panels and carry their manufacturer warranties.

I am very excited and intrigued with the prefinished material that allows the GC to eliminate the entire exterior caulking and exterior painting task from the project schedule, as the siding contractor is able to complete all of the caulking and install the prefinished Easy Trim 4MM ACM QuickPanel System in one pass…that is huge my friends! But the EasyTrim Reveals team didn’t stop there, they are now offering full take off and building layout services in PDF and CAD formats.

With the latest multi-family project trend of going higher and wider, interior courtyards, wraps and the limited amount of space that is provided for laydown, the tighter and tighter boundaries that we face with urban development sites, the elimination of lifts and the additional contractors needed for the exterior caulking and painting task is well worth the slight premium cost of the prefinished EasyTrim 4MM ACM QuickPanel System compared to fiber cement.


For more information on the EasyTrim 4MM ACM QuickPanel System, please follow the EasyTrim Reveals link provided above and tell them that The Compleo Group sent you!